The SU should boycott the National Student Survey

Extra Information: We believe the SU should boycott the National Student Survey (NSS) for the academic year 2016-17. We believe this as NSS results could lead to a tuition fee increase as part of the Teaching Excellence Framework.?

Actions Taken

  • This idea has failed. 


Jamie Jordon
11:09am on 6 Feb 17 POINT OF INFORMATION: this idea has NOT already been discussed at student council. The national ballot was discussed, which was whether NUS should conduct and publish a risk assessment in regards to the boycott.
Philip McAllister
9:12am on 6 Feb 17 This idea has been discussed by the student council before and therefore seems null and void.Trying to vote on it again would be folly (in my opinion), as the NUS are already trying to boycott the NSS, with several SU's from other educational establishments trying to question a boycott.
Ann Cullum
6:33pm on 1 Feb 17 The NSS is a fundamental part of the metrics that the government are using to put through 'Teaching Excellence Framework' as part of the higher education bill. If passed, it opens up the opportunity for tuition fees to rise exponentially. This would further exclude poorer people from accessing higher education. Boycotting not only obstructs the bill, but also makes a stand against education becoming more expensive.
Connor Ford
10:06pm on 29 Jan 17 Please expand on why boycotting the NSS would decrease the chances of this outcome. The NSS is a great way for our university to advertise itself, and also acts as a check on course quality. If we were to boycott, the overall effects on recognition of, and applications to, the University could make this counter-productive. Whilst I agree we must do all we can to ensure student fees do not rise, I think different means are appropriate.
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