Add President Trump's twitter live feed to the screens around campus.


Actions Taken

  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.


Samuel Morris
12:01pm on 29 Jan 17 Donald Trump's actions will have a lasting negative effect on the world; the least we can do is not have his face plastered around campus to be reminded of this fact.
Hannah Richards
12:40pm on 28 Jan 17 I do not think this is an effective way to encourage people to be involved with politics and global issues. If we're talking about his personal twitter, President Trumps tweets are not productive and do not indicate the issues at hand, just his personal opinion for example, on inauguration crowd numbers. As his tweets are his personal opinion, I also do not think it is sensible as they are not regulated and he has been known to tweet messages that are very insensitive and I don't feel it would be inappropriate to display these kinds of messages. If we're talking about the POTUS twitter, last time I looked most of it is retweets of similar messages from Trumps personal twitter or members of his cabinet. This just shows their opinions and again, not the issues at hand.
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