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Please read the Royal College of Nursings letter to David Cameron in 2016

"We are deeply concerned that these plans could disproportionately affect more mature students, women, students with children and those who already have a degree, people who have always made up an important part of the NHS workforce. Many of these people will be unwilling or unable to take on even more debt, and their vital contribution will be lost."


Suggestions of action that could be taken include that the SU lobbies the University for the creation of a hardship fund for students who would have qualified for this bursary and experience economic hardship as a result of its withdrawal; that the SU will promote to students the negative effects caused by the removal of these bursaries and encourage them to take action against it; that the SU will work alongside other organisations and bodies to oppose the withdrawal of NHS bursaries; that the SU affirms its commitment to equal access to higher education for all based on merit not on circumstance; that the SU will take any and all other opportunities to oppose this destructive government policy.

Actions Taken

  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed. However, The Students' Union already has a policy mandate to work on this Idea in other ways. Please contact The Students' Union for further information.


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