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In preparation for the regional mayoral election, the SU has already been campaigning to encourage students to vote. This campaigning should be prioritised and expanded to include campaigning for students to vote in the snap general election until both the Regional Mayoral and General Elections are completed. The SU should also encourage the students of this university to vote in their term time constituency for the GE rather than at home, as on the whole it is far more likely that their vote will carry more weight when used in Bristol than as an individual anywhere else.


It is vitally important that the opportunity for students to stand with greater solidarity in Bristol than isolated across the country be fully utilised, regardless of their political views. Bristol would not be the same without it’s students; we have an enormous impact on every aspect of daily life. We make up roughly a tenth of the population, with many of us remaining in the city after finishing university here. As a considerable part of the Bristolian demographic are as much a part of this city as anyone else, regardless of how much time spent here, and its time that we showed that by voting on who we want to represent Bristol.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on Thursday the 20th of April and closed for voting on Thursday the 11th of May
  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.
  • The Students' Union Executive is committed to engaging students in the democratic process and has numerous activities planned to encourage students to register and to vote. For further information, please contact an SU President. 
  • You can register to vote HERE.



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