Move the SU 'Lock In' back to Tuesdays

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Let's be frank, the lock in is dead. A once thrilling event that was the lifeblood of the campus nightlife has now been reduced to a poorly attended competitor of some of the UK's biggest club nights on a Saturday.


Vote for this motion to get back the beloved Tuesday Lock In and to send a message to the SU that it is not OK for our full time officers to buckle, when they should be standing for students' interests.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 23rd October 2017 and closed for voting on 13th November 2017.
  • This Idea has passed. This Idea is now being debated by the Board of Trustess who will decide if and how this Idea will become Stduents' Union policy.


Seif Eldien Zahran
3:38am on 21 Nov 17 #maketuesdaygreatagain
Seif Eldien Zahran
4:56pm on 16 Nov 17 #choudhry_out
Finley Mackenzie
3:22am on 26 Oct 17 Come on you compete with Bristol city centre on Saturdays
Aleksander Wyrodek
10:49pm on 24 Oct 17 n
Billy-Jo Pierce
7:28pm on 24 Oct 17 Go on son u tell the haters
Joseph Cooper
5:13pm on 24 Oct 17 Just let me get conked to mad Ash B set please
Talek Semmens
9:34pm on 23 Oct 17 With regard to local residents complaining about noise levels, there is plenty of room for the volume of the music in the SU to be reduced. To my knowledge, there are only a handful of lectures taking place on Wednesday mornings, and whilst it is important to encourage good study habits, the Students Union will inevitably lose out on a great deal of income and interest if the situation continues to decline as it is at present; having been to three lock in events, the number of people present has declined exponentially to the extent that the bar is virtually empty. As for mid-week drinking, this is likely to occur anyway, and the former lock in allowed students to do this in a more controlled and more sociable manner than at home. The rationale behind the move to Saturday is certainly valid, however, the event will simply go extinct unless something is done, as the SU is competing with almost every club, bar and music venue within 10 miles. A Tuesday night lock in would instantly motivate students from all campuses as it has in the past. If not, even Friday night would be better, and it would be nice to see more varied music than just DnB, rap etc. to captivate students who currently see the lock in as just another run-of-the-mill club night.
Sian Hampson
1:20pm on 23 Oct 17 Point of information from a statement released by the presidents following Lock In getting moved: "UPDATE As many of you are aware, on Friday we announced that we have come to the decision to move Lock In to Saturdays from October. After seeing your many comments and replies, we would like to take this opportunity to add clarification to the situation. Whilst we have seen Lock In become an iconic night on a Tuesday, this has also come with some difficulties. We have received numerous noise complaints from neighbouring residents, which put us in a position where our licence could have been jeopardised. In addition, concerns have been raised internally and externally around mid-week drinking, related academic performance and Wednesday morning lecture engagement. With these matters in mind, as trustees, we came to the difficult decision to move the night to a Saturday. While this decision will come as a disappointment to many, and we will feel nostalgic over #SUesdays, we believe this is the right decision as we do not want to risk losing our licence. Everything else about the night, other than the day, will remain the same – if not better. We have invested in a new lighting rig, which you’ll be able to see during our Welcome events, and we’ll still have the same great drinks deals and music. We understand that Bristol is home to some amazing nightlife, but we hope that you can still pay us a visit on Saturday."
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