A Microwave in S Block!

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Every year many students ask for a microwave. I have taken this to Departmental committee who say it can not be put into place. We are not taking no for an answer and with winter around the corner we all want warm pasta and soup for lunch!


I am the Lead Department Rep for Education and Childhood and need your help to get as many votes as possible to finally put this into action!

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 18th October 2018 and closes for voting on 08th November 2018.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by 50%+1 of the Student Council Meeting. Click here for more info

  • April 2021: Once the pandemic is no longer affecting normal operations, the Estates and Facilities team have confirmed there will be greater provision of microwaves and hot water taps on campus.


Kate Robertson
6:35pm on 24 Oct 18 Why on Earth not? Obviously a simple solution that will make many happy! Full support for this
Deborah Foss
5:28pm on 22 Oct 18 Great idea
Elliot Wise
2:12pm on 22 Oct 18 What a fantastic idea, let the microwave meet the S block
Alice Brown
2:02pm on 22 Oct 18 This is such a great idea! Chloe is the best!
Elenor Jennings
1:51pm on 22 Oct 18 yes please!!
Jennifer Marshall
1:39pm on 22 Oct 18 As someone who has to commute far to uni, spending a lot of money to just get here, a microwave would be ideal so I don’t have to keep waiting until I’ve gotten home to eat.
Daphiene Reid-Barlow
12:51pm on 22 Oct 18 I strongly agree. I don't even eat in uni because there's nowhere I know to heat up food.
Serena Isaac
11:55am on 22 Oct 18 This would solve all my lunchtime conundrums
Alice Edmunds
11:08am on 22 Oct 18 I strongly agree! It's far too expensive to keep buying warm lunches.
Jessica Evans
10:12am on 22 Oct 18 With S block wanting me to take out a loan every week to buy lunch a microwave would be a 10/10 idea
Kathryn Totterdell
9:53am on 22 Oct 18 This is a great idea and I would definitely make use of a microwave in S block. It would save a lot of money from purchasing hot food.
Luke Guest
9:14am on 22 Oct 18 Education students spend long days in S block as timetabling isn't always kind to us. This would benefit so many students and stop them spending money they don't have.
Richard Cullimore
9:02am on 22 Oct 18 This is a great idea!
Jordan Bobbett
1:05pm on 18 Oct 18 It would save so many students paying for food, and with a full time course some don’t have time to walk to D block to heat up their food! Vote vote vote
Sidney Vasili
12:53pm on 18 Oct 18 Bring us the microwave
Chloe Tillson
12:52pm on 18 Oct 18 This is a fantastic idea and one that would make lots of students very very happy
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