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Over half the student population is not aware of its existance. It shows in the amount of students voting for ideas. The fact that currently 90% of ideas center around Glenside campus only makes it apparent that this is the campus where advertising is done best.

Awareness can be raised by advertising Student Ideas on the myUWE page under student information, at the information point, at the library or on the uwe.ac.uk opening page, Student Ideas isn't even mentioned on the student feedback tab of the official website. There should be a measure of collaboration between UWE and the SU on this matter to get the most out of the students.

Potentially even advertising it through posters or banners in the SU building and/or shops would reach many more students.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 31st October 2018 and closed for voting on 21st November 2018.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by 50%+1 of the Student Council Meeting



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