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Students taking exams in the ECC are requested to be in the ECC at least half an hour before their exam begins. When waiting for exams many students wish to fill up their water bottles. At the time of writing the closest water bottle filler is in the FBL building (X-block) leading to some students rushing between the two buildings or going into long exams without a drink. The installation of a water bottle filler would solve this.


The water bottle filler would also be useful to students who have lectures in the ECC, or to those attending events in the ECC. If the university wishes to not have a water bottle filler accessible during events, it could be installed in the small room separating the ECC lecture theatre and the main ECC area. This could be locked during events, or left unlocked during exams and lectures. There are also toilets next to this room meaning the water supply should be accessible.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 24th January 2019 and closed for voting on 14th Feburary 2019.
  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.


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