Membership to academic societies should be automatic and free to all students studying that degree.

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Currently academic societies struggle a long to gather momentum and convince people to join for free or for a specific fee, however many students don't really understand why they should join and what value this membership has.


For example, in the architecture school we have 1000 students studying and at most we have 50 members of the society. this is really not representative and doesn't in anyway promote the SU as a space for all students.


I know other universities like Manchester and Oxford have automatic membership and they have incredible engagement form their students for the society.


Students pay a lot in fees and the least they should expect is to be a member of the society for the degree they study.


I feel this will help the SU become more active in the student life and will help promote the SU as an inclusive and representative part of the student life at UWE.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 18th March 2019 and closed for voting on 11th March 2019.


Joshua Saxby
8:35pm on 22 Feb 19 I think this is a good idea, we have recently gained a new CSCT society for our cluster, but I think engaging with students studying those degrees has been challenging. The only suggestion I have to add to this is that it will be important to make sure student consent is received for auto-enrolment in any societies, such as requiring an opt-in during the SU registration process or something —not just for GDPR, but that certainly is an important reason!
Callum Tucker
3:54pm on 22 Feb 19 I completely agree with this but it depends on funding. These Soceities should receive enough funding from their faculty or a set amount per student that joins.
Laura Fox
5:27pm on 21 Feb 19 I strongly disagree with this idea, it would make those societies excluding and uninviting to other students who don't study the degree who might be interested in the subject. It's much better to get people who are interested in the subject but don't necessarily study it to learn more and work together with those who do study it.
Hasina Ghani
11:31am on 21 Feb 19 I am completely for this! Disengagement has many factors but this will help at least a bit! We shouldn't have to pay extra for talks and activities of direct relevance to our courses!
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