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UWE uses a week numbering system with the zero datum (reference point for week 1/0) set at some time in August, but teaching modules often use their own numbering systems that start when the module starts teaching activities. There is great conflict and confusion between whether a numbered week is a "UWE week" or a "module week". This creates great confusion over things for which timing is particularly important like assignment deadlines and timetabled activities.

Actions Taken

  • Voting for this idea closed on 3rd February 2020.
  • This idea scored a 3rd which means it will be actioned but is not a priority for the time being.
  • This idea has passed through the Executive and Student Council and will go to the Trustee Board to be scrutinised.

  • September 2021: This idea was not taken forward under the new system due to insufficent votes. Students are free to submit a similar idea. 


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