Remove the Students' Union's 21 Day Speakers Policy

Remove the Students' Union's 21 Day Speakers Policy

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The 21 day speakers policy has made hosting political talks and events almost impossible.

With the current political climate, many speakers have to rearrange due to changing schedules, which requires re-submission of the form and another 21 days notice. This wasn't waived during the 2019 General Election, and left the university without constructive debate and informative talks from local MPs, politicians and experts in the subject - a sharp contrast to the engagement we've had in previous years.

The policy is hindering students freedom of speech, with political societies seeing a decline in membership due to the inability to organise events that would bring in new members.

Actions Taken

  • Voting for this idea opens on 13th January 2020 and voting closes on 3rd February.


Jack Fifield
8:15pm on 13 Jan 20 Arranging events requiring this much notice is incredibly stressful and leads to missed opportunities.
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