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Many students do not know when or what events are happening across all campuses, even if they are advertised on the SU website. A large physical calendar could be installed between the glass window of the SU reception and automatic side door next to the SU shop on Frenchay campus.

An extra large whiteboard could be installed behind a lockable glass door (similar to a trophy case but thin) with the key held by reception. Each month an SU staff member would be responsible for drawing out a monthly calendar and adding SU events. If societies/sports clubs or other student bodies wanted to advertise their events they could go to reception and ask reception to add their event onto the calendar.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 4th February 2020 and closed for voting on 9th March.
  • This ideas received a 3rd and so will go to the next Executive for review.

  • This idea was failed at the Executive and so will not be worked on.


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