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Extra Information: People are put off. It’s great value for the year but very few people have that in mind because it’s still £40 upfront and people see that as the cost of a few nights out and would rather be sociable that way. For £1.50 a month we could offer the dopamine junkie students at UWE a way to have a more balanced intake of the happy drug

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 4th February 2020 and closed for voting on 9th March.
  • This ideas received a 3rd and so will go to the next Executive for review.

  • This idea has passed through the Executive and Student Council and will go to the Trustee Board to be scrutinised.

  • April 2021: VPSH shared that the Centre for Sport have deemed this financially unfeasible and so are not willing to make this change. As such, no progress can be made on this idea.


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