Bring back/ make use for the Student ID scanners in the SU, Point reward schemes

Extra Information: 

10 points for every pound spent:

100 points - Free Coffee

200 points - Free Pint

400 points - Free Breakfast Roll

Something along those lines


The card readers originally had a purpose and for some reason, it was taken away. Other universities do it to great reception so why don't we give it a trial run?

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 4th February 2020 and closed for voting on 9th March.
  • This ideas received a 3rd and so will go to the next Executive for review.


Edward Harding
11:17am on 11 Feb 20 It stopped, from my understanding, is that if the points were not redeemed by students there were instances of the student shop clerks. From my knowledge this could be little more than a rumour.
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