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I propose that in light of the current situation regarding Coronavirus, final year students should be given the option to graduate with their current average grade.


As a result of the Coronavirus, many students are at a disadvantage with their studies due to various aspects such as stress, childcare commitments since the schools have closed, health issues, financial difficulty and caring responsibilities. For final year students, this is an incredibly stressful time with preparing for life after graduation and completing coursework, dissertations and exams. Postponing exams and coursework would not be practical for many, considering graduate schemes/jobs start from June 2020. Mature students with childcare commitments whilst schools and nurseries are closed & those with caring responsibilities looking after the vulnerable will not be able to complete their work to the same standard they usually would, as would others who may contract the virus.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 5 April 2020 and closed for voting on 1 May 2020
  • This Idea scored a 3rd which means it's not a priority for the time being.

  • This idea was failed at the Executive and so will not be worked on.


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