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Extra Information: 3rd year students are in their most important stage in their degree right now as this pandemic goes on. Libraries have closed, we can’t see our dissertation supervisors, we have lack of support and disruption to our lives. Parents are losing jobs and people are getting ill. We are dealing with more stress and anxiety with not just the illness directly but family lives, and we are expected to just carry on like normal. Yes the university has given an extension on all deadline but this just means all deadlines due all at one time. No matter how long of an extension they give this does not change the fact we have had to work through the stress and disruption of a pandemic with little information and help. I know a lot of lectures are doing their best which is appreciated but no matter what they try to do there is no doubt that this years final years have been disadvantaged by the huge disruption to the most vital time of our academic careers. The importance of our dissertation and final year is drilled into us throughout uni and it’s finally come round and we are being left to our own devices in such an awful time. I believe that if we had access to the library and normal resources we would get better grades. Personally I work so efficiently and long hours in the library yet don’t have a working environment at home and this could effect grades, as well as stress and disruption effecting grades. The only fair way I think to deal with this is to give third years a extra small percentage on top of their marked grades from this time period.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 5 April 2020 and closed for voting on 1 May 2020.
  • This Idea scored a 3rd which means it's not a priority for the time being.

  • This idea was failed at the Executive and so will not be worked on.


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