To start a bug farm within the university

Extra Information: 

To increase our universities insect biodiversity. They can be used as a local source of protein improving the universities carbon footprint.




Actions Taken

  • This idea opened for voting on 2nd November and closed for voting on 30th November 2020.
  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed. It will go to the next Executive for review.


Catherine Baker
6:16pm on 3 Nov 20 I'm not against entomophagy per se; however, I have some technical points to raise. Firstly, the extra information states "to increase our universities insect biodiversity" - we'd be using at best three or four species (adult crickets, adult locusts, and Tenebrionidae and potentially Cetoniinae larvae), this is not increasing insect biodiversity (are they native species being raised for consumption?) and these take time, money and space to rear successfully. On a small scale-basis this isn't sustainable in any way beyond a novelty product, and the university isn't equiped to do this on a large-scale commercial basis. There is also growing evidence that entomophagy still has a significant ecological impact [see Lundy and Perrella, 2015]. Not to mention the fact that entomophagy is still viewed as 'taboo' in western cultures [Shelomi, 2015]. [source: 20-year personal history in invertebrate care in both hobby and zoological institution]
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