Decrease 1/3 of the tuition fees during online teaching days

Extra Information: We're not using the school's facilities

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened for voting on December 1st 2020 and closes on 11th January 2021.
  • This idea has passed. The Students' Union will begin work on this idea as soon as possible.


Lauren Price
4:34pm on 11 Jan 21 We are not using the university services, students can’t return to campus and can’t complete their studies to the best of their ability. This is not the education we want or expected and the quality of teaching is not worth the amount we are currently paying. I don’t blame UWE but it is not fair that we should be paying for this mess.
Han Le
12:13am on 11 Jan 21 I think UWE should refund tution fee for student, especially international studnets. They are in a group who are the most effective. They have to pay lots of money for NHS ( insurance increased ). Plz, back money for us
Ffion Evans
10:45am on 10 Jan 21 We have been kept in the dark since this started. We haven’t received any type of support financially or mentally. By going online, the standard of teaching dropped instantly and there’s been many petitions which have come to nothing which has been extremely frustrating for us. We want some sort of justice as we have been forgotten. I agree with some comments that 1/3 isn’t enough but it’s a start. It’s about time something is done as we are all missing out on our university experience and what we’re receiving now is far from it. It should be better.
Hannah Hewer
9:30am on 10 Jan 21 We understand that the uni and the tutor are trying their best with what little government guidance they have but the course at this point just isn't what we pay the full 9k for. If online courses were worth 9k then online institutions would charge that but they don't. 9k covers the contact hours the use of campus facilities the full curriculum that the course has to offer but these things simply aren't possible right now.
Luke Foster
5:33pm on 9 Jan 21 If Steve West believes that the government should reimburse students enough to give a statement to the guardian, then reducing the amount we pay while everything is online is a step forward.
Lola Hibberd-Cook
5:15pm on 9 Jan 21 1/3 is not enough
Tiegan Salter
4:04pm on 9 Jan 21 Healthcare students working in the NHS should be fairly compensated. No student should risk their life during university education and PAY for it.
Mackenzie Crowley
3:50pm on 9 Jan 21 Completely agree with fee reductions, probably even more than this. Open university would have been cheaper for most of us at this point.
Danny Witney
3:28pm on 9 Jan 21 I’m in complete agreement!! This is absolutely the right move.
Holly Davies
3:15pm on 9 Jan 21 I also believe that healthcare students Who have worked on the frontline for free as part of our degrees should see a further reduction as compensation for putting our lives on the line
Jacob Woodman
3:03pm on 9 Jan 21 extremely disgusting that foreign students are paying out of pocket for an experience they simply are not getting
Melody Cummins
2:34pm on 9 Jan 21 I agree with everything that has already been said - lecturers and staff have been very helpful and have done everything they can to make lectures engaging, but the fact is £9000 for what we are getting is unacceptable. I also feel like reducing the fees by a third is not enough.
Ryan Nagypal
2:21pm on 9 Jan 21 I’m glad this is being considered, 100% agree with this.
Elizabeth Adams
2:15pm on 9 Jan 21 With lack of support, this isn’t the education I am paying for. The university should have less expenditures due to less travel and reduce use of buildings hence less demand on building services and more. Therefore this money should be used to subsidise the lack of education we unfortunately receive online.
Thomas Rees
2:11pm on 9 Jan 21 Universities are businesses. It is an unfortunate situation that a lot of businesses are in right now, being unable to deliver on their services at no fault of theirs. But it’s not fair to get us to pay the full amount by saying that we’re “still getting degrees” or they’re “doing the best they can”. We’re taking out loans, this is real money. This is our money, and we want what we pay for. Take this analogy: Imagine you purchased a physical copy of a book from a book shop. But due to a problem they couldn’t control, the shop was no longer able to deliver a physical book to you. So, they take your money, and send you a digital copy instead. I think you’d feel you deserve a partial refund - sure, you’re getting the book technically, but it’s not what you asked for, it’s not what you paid for, and although it’s worth some value and you could settle for it, it would be unfair and wrong of the shop to force you to pay the full price. Universities in a sense are no different, as much as I love being a student of my uni. Something needs to be done!
Grace Norris
12:49pm on 9 Jan 21 Online learning just simply is not worth the full cost of the fees. Face-to-face learning offers a contextual, valuable learning experience that simply cannot be provided in an online format. Despite best efforts, it is not possible to achieve the level of support or collaboration offered by face-to-face learning, and the lack of key resources and learning spaces (e.g. campus and library being closed) means we have been denied access the physical spaces we pay to use. I believe we are entitled to more of a third of the fees refunded. It is unreasonable to continue to charge the same amount for an entirely reduced and adjusted service. It wouldn’t happen with any other service or product. Although I also hate to see students as ‘consumers’, we have rights in regards to what we pay for and as long as we are charged full price for the adjusted, reduced programme provided during the pandemic our rights are being taken advantage of.
Oliver Ley
9:45am on 9 Jan 21 The support and contact time with teaching staff isn’t to a satisfactory level. Everything takes longer online, and we are only given the same or sometimes less time with our teaching staff. It’s near to impossible to feel enriched, empowered, and confident from this level of teaching. This doesn’t feel like uni education, UWE should be ashamed if they believe they are currently offering the same level of service. I hope UWE can lead the way in treating students fairly and respectfully.
Megan Lord
12:58pm on 7 Jan 21 Our student experience and access to resources and facilities is serverely decreased and this is greatly impacting our education. This does not reflect the extortionate fees we pay
Joshua Chang
12:41pm on 7 Jan 21 We are paying so much for university(a whole lot more than home students as an international student) and we are not able to to receive face to face classes. At least a reduction would be fair in this circumstance as we are not able to go to university for actual classes and lectures.
Siu Yim Chan
10:38am on 7 Jan 21 Strongly agree with that, especially of the international student we do pay for visa and high tutor fee but don’t get any support from uni; should be 1/3 decrease fee as we don’t get same quality from uni..
Deanna Jones
11:29pm on 6 Jan 21 We should not pay full uni fees for not even half a year of online learning With only 2 actual on campus sessions. A bit ridiculous.
Leonie Bouget
10:54pm on 6 Jan 21 Though I don't like to think of our uni education as something we're consumers of, we are, and put simply the quality of education (though I totally understand and do not in the slightest blame our tutors/lecturers/etc.) and the tools and facilities available to us aren't worth the money. Especially those of us on courses where specialist tools or equipment is central to our learning. Fully acknowledge that this isn't UWE's fault but I do expect the support of the university in furthering our case when it comes to this. I also am absolutely fuming about having paid for Block 0 which was the biggest waste of time I could possible imagine. So much wasted time this year, and I've spent about 10 minutes per week having one-to-one support/teaching in person - not at all good enough to be worth 9k. Having said this I appreciate that there have been attempts at ensuring students have access to equipment as far, e.g. the DCS and would also like to mention that though financial aspects are important I'm more concerned about this years impact on our wellbeing and academic performance.
Ilona Kovalainen
10:05pm on 6 Jan 21 I don't feel like I'm getting a study year worth 9000 pounds at the moment so I feel like reducing fees would only be fair to us.
Zoe Stone
8:31pm on 6 Jan 21 UWE are clearly trying their best, but online lectures simply do not compare with on campus face to face learning. These unprecedented times understandably call for new measures and restrictions but the price of the terms should reflect this.
Jack Coulson
7:50pm on 6 Jan 21 This education is simply not worth 9k a year, I'd even argue that reducing it by 1/3rd is still too little, at least 2/3rds in my opinion, especially when you compare to the open university.
Patrick Anderson
6:22pm on 6 Jan 21 This year has not been acceptable in the slightest. I know that lecturers are trying their hardest and feel the same as the rest of us but you can tell that their content has been sloppily put together and is definitely rushed. I'm in first year and I don't even know what 3/4 of my lecturers even look like. When I'm sitting in my room trying to figure out the work with next to no support is incredibly demoralising and I've thought multiple times this term about if university is even right for me. This year so far hasn't felt like it's been worth 1/5th of the current price and I really hope this petition passes.
Alisa Low
6:19pm on 6 Jan 21 Paying double amount of the fees as international student but not giving the chance to properly use the facilities. Especially for art student who rely heavily on studio and fabrication/printing facilities. I hope UWE listen to us and make a fair decision. It's been really hard to even have any motivation to work on our assignment but we are expected to be working two times harder given such circumstances.
Stan Dooley
5:51pm on 6 Jan 21 Considering how terribly students have been treated during the pandemic, I think 1/3 decrease in fees is about the least we deserve.
Daisy Harrison-Patel
5:10pm on 6 Jan 21 Especially concerning students who rely on studio space to be completing their degree to a high level of achievement, an online only course is just not sustainable for us to learn. Whilst we have no choice for the time being, we did not pay for this service, we are paying for the world class facilities to use for our course. This was my main reason for picking UWE as my chosen university. Alongside this is the level of contact time we would have in house. this is not possible online, on my course, part of it is relying on the ideas being bounced around in a physical space, and we cannot do this in this situation. If I could defer I would so this would be possible, however I (and many others) am not in a personal or financial position to be able to do this. So I and everyone else are forced to pay for something that is sub-standard. Whilst I do not blame the staff for this as it is out of their hands to a large degree, it is up to the university to make the morally right decision cut the fees in line to the level of teaching that is provided currently.
Clara Schneck
4:56pm on 6 Jan 21 Would like to especially emphasize the side of practical/creative courses at UWE! not to say in any way that not all courses and students are heavily affected but my impression is that the creative courses are often underrepresented in UWE-wide discussions. Most creative students have come to specifically use and learn the studios and print rooms, as this equiptment is either inaccessible and/or very expensive outside of university. It's not only missing out on face-to-face teaching, but using the resources that we decided to pay 9k a year for! I understand that the UWE tutors and everyone is not at fault, but neither are we, and truth is we are massively missing out on content by not being able to book in our workshops.
Phoebe Harrison
4:51pm on 6 Jan 21 Totally agree. Finally.
Tala Alqatamin
4:42pm on 6 Jan 21 It's not UWEs fault with all what's happening they have tried there best to maintain us safe... But now it's time to think about us students financially in this crisis the tuition fee should be reduced by 1/3, we have not been using the universities facilities and only come to campus 1-2 days per week and we had now 2 lockdowns in our studying period and most of our modules in our courses are are fully online.
Rebeka Nagy
4:29pm on 6 Jan 21 I don't blame UWE, as this whole year all the goverment restrictions and new policies were announced last minute at all times, and at the begginning we REALLY hoped that at least the next semester will be better, but it's clear to see now that this whole year is kind of wrecked...
Dexter Greene
3:50pm on 6 Jan 21 Completely agree with everyone above - almost all tuition has been online and the lack of preparation has made things a complete mess, this isn't the quality of education promised for our fees.
Robert Eilbeck
3:10pm on 6 Jan 21 Should be by at least 1/3 to bring it inline with the OU at a minimum. The OU gives better quality content than UWE with online learning for 2/3 of the price. UWE clearly doesn't actually care about its students just the money we give them.
Benjamin Hilsenrath
2:59pm on 6 Jan 21 Agree with Robert Eilbeck. And the SU has not had the students' back so far this year. So far there's been no real action concerning the poor quality of education we're getting this year.
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