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In our lives, we generate large amounts of waste which we simply throw away and forget about. As students at UWE,I feel we should have some accountability for the waste we generate and so propose a joint collaboration with a company called Terracycle to allow students on campus a way to recycle waste not normally recycled such as crisp packets, tablet blister packs, chocolate bar wrappers, toothpaste tubes and many more. This would involve a set of new bins where students deposit this waste and is sent off to Terracycle where they will convert the plastic/material into pellets which can be made into a solid form to make objects such as benches, bins and other solid forms of carbon. Depending on the amount of waste sent off, money that can be used for charitable means so in doing so helps the environment but also those most in need as well.


Ideally this station would be located somewhere central to campus as to get students on campus and those who commute into university involved. It would also be good to get student support when designing these bins such as the product design department as a competition to make the station appealing and sustainable.


Currently, UWE has one such bin for crisp packets located in U block where they can be deposited. I dream of the day where we wont need to send any waste to landfill but can reuse and recycle all the waste we generate into something new and I feel this is one step in a walk to do this at UWE. There is another debate on those who supply the products we buy and asking for products that are better for the environment but that is a whole other debate.


If you want to see us as a university change the ways we care for the environment, please support this idea so that even through the smallest actions we can make a difference.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened for voting on December 1st 2020 and closes on 11th January 2021.
  • This Idea scored a 3rd which means it's not a priority for the time being.

  • The Executive agreed to give this Idea a conditional pass and Student Council subsequently agreed to pass the Idea. It will now go to the Trustee Board to be scuritinised. 

  • November 2021:This Idea is now Students’ Union policy and has been sent to The Executive for work to begin.
  • As of January 2022, it has been confirmed that Terracycle is currently over capacity and cannot take on any more insitutions. 


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