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Extra Information: Some people are using their own cups but this is still by far the minority and a huge amount of disposables are being unnecessarily manufactured, bought and disposed of. A shift away from disposables will not happen unless it is fully implemented. This has been successfully carried in coffee shop chains such as Boston Tea Party where the clientele have quickly adapted and not using disposables is now the norm. To be a 'disposable cup - free' Campus at the start of the 2021 academic year would be a leading step for UWE which prides itself for it's sustainability focus, in Bristol - the Green Capital. This isn't a complicated or risk-associated policy to bring in and there's no excuse for the university to be waiting for others to do it first.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 11 January 2021 and closed for voting on 4 February 2021.
  • This Idea has passed. The SU will begin work on making this Idea a reality as soon as possible.


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