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Extra Information: 

Green walls are not just aesthetically pleasing, they can improve air quality, mental health, increase biodiversity and provide food for us all and animals/insects/pollinators. Over time green walls contribute to the drawdown of local CO2 and other harmful pollutants. This is also a great opportunity for students to get involved in planting, building and maintaining these walls which will add to their volunteering hours and strengthen a CV with experience. These walls aren't just limited to outdoor spaces either, there are designs for indoor walls to make our study and work spaces more vibrant and fresh. This idea fits in well with the re-wilding method of contributing to reducing the impacts of climate change that Sir David Attenborough has recently broadcasted.

Other positives include: 

• Promoting Health and wellbeing • Purifying the air creating cleaner air • Improving sound insulation • Adding a marketable green building feature. • Bringing educational benefits. Green walls are perfect tools to teach future generations about environmental issues • Reducing the urban heat island effect • Reducing wind tunnel effects • Improving habitat restoration for wild life, providing food, water, cover/protection and places to bear and raise offspring • Reducing the effects of rain water run-off • Helping to regulate the temperature of buildings 

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 4th February and closes for voting on 8th March 2021.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by 50%+1 of the Student Council Meeting.
  • Student Council agreed to pass this Idea. This Idea has been sent to The Executive for work to begin.

  • As of January 2022, UWE remain unsure as to where the funding for this is going to come from. So far, the plan is to trial the idea with the area near bus stops. the idea of moving walls are also being looked into. 
  • February 2022: UWE's marketing team have expressed interest in this idea and futher discussions have been had with the estates team. 


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