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Currently, UWE is spending thousands of pounds of our student loans on the surveillance of international students.


Our University should be committed solely to our wellbeing and education not border policing, spying and control. At a time when many students are facing hardship due to the pandemic, it is outrageous that the university should monitor attendance and engagement of students and report this to the home office, likely resulting in the student’s deportation from the country. This mainly applies to students on tier 4 visas,  many of whom have been reported to immigration authorities by the university since the start of the pandemic. (This is known from Freedom of Information requests made to UWE).


UWE does not have to do this. Our university should be a university, not a border guard.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened for voting on 9 March 2021 and closed on 13 April.
  • This idea has recieved a pass and will go to the next Student Council for review.


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