Free laundry services for all students at Student Village

Extra Information: Many students have a tight budget while studying at uni. Accommodation fees increase every year, laundry should be already considered since the amount we pay for this accommodation is already high.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened for voting on 9 March and closes on 13 April.
  • This idea has passed and will go to the Executive for review.


Emma Donovan
2:43pm on 9 Apr 21 I think it is absolutely disgusting how students in halls are expected to fork out extra money for laundry. Student finance hardly covers rent for some, so changes like this will come as a huge relief
Esther Tettey
4:59pm on 2 Apr 21 I strongly agree since it will benefit all students.
Esther Tettey
4:57pm on 2 Apr 21 What a great relief it will be.
Abimbola Oluwatuyi
4:28pm on 2 Apr 21 Strongly agree that this should be an added support to students.
Aleena Biju
11:43am on 25 Mar 21 Strongly agree with the point
Monica Del Angel
9:52am on 23 Mar 21 Hi everyone, please make sure to share with your flatmates or even ask for support from any other UWE students, thank you!
Stephen Okhide
7:20am on 22 Mar 21 This is great! No reason not to vote for this change. Benefits all students and especially makes students easily tolerate the lacklustre circuit service.
Gayatri Kurdia
7:27pm on 20 Mar 21 Strongly Agree with it.
Owen Kendrick
3:45pm on 14 Mar 21 Spread this far and wide. Not being able to afford to use the terrible unreliable Circuit service is just abject poverty being forced on students for profit.
Muzamil Javid
4:35pm on 11 Mar 21 Strongly Agree with this.
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