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The many students who are from lower-income families could earn and gain points ( like a nectar card earning Nectar points) when they attend classes, which then can be used and turned into money value on their accounts to then purchase the food or stationery etc ( whatever their needs may be in connection with studying) from the many of the outlets on campuses. 

This can also work by allowing students to purchase meal points at the beginning of the semester and then spend those points throughout the year. Meals and food sold by the college or at on-campus establishments cost different amounts of points which are deducted from the students’ accounts whenever purchased. Students with financial needs may be eligible to receive their meal or stationery at a reduced rate or using by their points.

If any points are left over after the three years they can be donated back for use from other students from low-income families: and given vouchers instead, with helping students to go to back to work, for example, vouchers that can be used to buy a new shirt ect.

It feeds hungry, less well-off students, and provides better public relations between the university and the greater public (seen as begin more concerned with student welfare than profit). Students with financial needs may be eligible to receive their meal plans at a reduced rate or free under some circumstances like in receipt of any means of tested benefits or from low-income families or those who are caregivers or left cares and are in support from UWE cares.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened for voting on the 2nd August 2021. Voting closed at the end of October.
  • This Idea has failed and will not progress. It can be resubmitted next academic year.


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