A specialised dojo for the sports clubs that require a matted space.


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Extra Information: We used to have one (W block) which was taken away. It saves everyone time by not needing to lay out mats. It may help with spreading out timetabling so there are less crossovers.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 1 December 2021 and closed for voting on 10 January 2022.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by two-thirds of the Student Council Meeting or 50% +1 of the Executive. Click here for more info.


Abigail Shearan
8:41pm on 9 Jan 22 Putting away the mats wastes valuable training time which could be used to stretch and cool down.
Toby Robards
4:23pm on 4 Jan 22 I'm new to UWE but one reason I joined was for the variety of sports and especially martial arts. Its a shame there is no designated section for these sports as they are great for confidence and health
Joseph Lyons
6:59pm on 13 Dec 21 Putting mats out/back in takes a significant amount of time away from the already limited time we get for training sessions. Ontop of this, the u block training facility is unfit for purpose as it is far too small for even medium sized clubs. This means that the growth of the clubs using u block is severely limited as we already have to turn a majority of existing members away due to lack of space.
Luke Foster
11:35am on 10 Dec 21 The loss of the Dojo in W block is tragic, time is cut from traning to take out/put away mats. All martial arts need a place to train.
Hamish Robson
2:55am on 9 Dec 21 I have been in the UKAM muay thai and kickboxing club for 3 years now and the best experience I had was my first year when we had a dedicated space to train, make friends and memories
Edson Valle
4:19pm on 8 Dec 21 I’ve been a member of UWE ukam and it has been great training with them in the allocated spaces. I think this society is one of the biggest one if not the biggest I’m involved in. I think it is important to keep the members happy by offering an alternative permanent space to allow the ukam committee to function efficiently. I understand that the W block has a different purpose at the moment, but I think it’s critical that the uni help keep the members happy to allow current members to stay and future prospects to continue joining.
Jack Hudson
3:18pm on 8 Dec 21 Not only does it make things more efficient, having an area designated and ready to go, injury risk would be lower too. Moreover, first impressions go a long way and if prospective students see a practical indoor space for martial arts, the club can become even more successful while encouraging existing members. This, in turn, does a service to the university through the legitimacy of the club.
Henry Prutton
12:46pm on 8 Dec 21 Losing W block has been absolutely detrimental to martial arts societies at UWE. Kickboxing used to have 4 sessions per week, with permanent mat space and designated equipment storage areas. Now that we don’t have W block, we only have 2 campus sessions per week, and only one of the sessions has mats for us to use (we get one hour of training on mats per week, which just isn’t enough), we also have to move equipment between the training session locations which is a logistical nightmare. Having a permanent space to use would help us massively by solving our logistical problems, appealing to prospective students, and helping our ability to compete with other universities in our kickboxing competitions. Kickboxing is a big club with lots of members; I don’t want to be rude, but I personally think it was a very short sighted decision to re-purpose W block without giving martial arts clubs like kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu a suitable alternative. We have had to deal with exceptionally difficult circumstances to run our clubs because of it.
Flynn Grice
11:21am on 8 Dec 21 When the W block dojo was in use it made for a much smoother and more enjoyable session by all accounts. The fixed mats allowed for extended session time whilst also minimising risk of injury that we now face whilst getting them out. By allocating martial arts its own training area it would allow for more time fo us to train along with other clubs that require the sports hall more time.
Edward Carpenter
8:47am on 8 Dec 21 With a specialised training area the floor or mats could be fixed which would save time but also prevent them from moving creating gaps which can lead to injury. Another advantage of a dedicated space would be that it could accomidate the size of some of the clubs, the dance studio is too small an enclosed meaning people have to be turned away from sessions and the training that does take place is limited to avoid collison with walls and other students in the limited space.
Mercedesz Pal
10:48pm on 7 Dec 21 I agree it would save time for the sessions and would give a space for all combat sports to have an area to train in
Emma Kenyon
10:37pm on 7 Dec 21 I agree, it takes time out of training sessions that we pay for. Especially difficult if rushing from lectures. A dedicated space will look great to prospective students, helping to set UWE apart.
Molly Hannafin
9:32pm on 7 Dec 21 It takes so much time away from our sessions (which have already been shortened due to covid), and the mats we have available don’t cover enough floor space either. We need a dedicated space to be able to train properly, I’m unsure why it wasn’t replaced straight away!
Jack Harker
9:26pm on 7 Dec 21 Setting up the mats takes valuable time out of training sessions, especially as there used to be a designated space, which hasnt been replaced
Annabel Smith
9:18pm on 7 Dec 21 I agree, all combat sports need a dedicated space for us all to use and setting out the mats wastes so much time.
Ali Al-Obaidy
8:57pm on 7 Dec 21 It's unfair for Sports clubs as a designated areas was taken away. Because the CFS can be booked out, it can cut into training times as we can't put the mats out as early as we would like.
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