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Extra Information: The 48a bus to and from Glenside stops every evening at around 19:30, meaning if we are to go to Frenchay events, or have activities in the city centre or anywhere outside Glenside, we must get the 48/49 to Channons Hill, a 20 minute walk from Glenside campus. As it gets dark so early, and as a predominantly female campus, walking this distance is unsafe, and the 'near misses' students have had should be enough to get a bus running to and from Glenside later at night. Glenside has next to no events, and those on Frenchay we cannot attend because the buses do not run, it would have to be a trip to the centre and then to Frenchay, and the same back, along with the 20 minute walk in the dark. Glenside students are isolated from the main campus life, and all other non-healthcare events and students. What course we choose should not affect our safety at UWE.

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  • This idea opened on 7 December 2021 and closes for voting on 10 January 2021.
  • This Idea has failed and will not progress. It can be resubmitted next academic year.


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