Encourage people to join the SU bar staff by actually paying them well - At least £12.50 an hour

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Extra Information: In a recent Student Council meeting it was made clear that the SU bar was understaffed. This was having a knock on effect of reducing what could be on the menu, among other issues with availability of the facility. In order to increase bar staff, why not pay them decently? Hospitality is a hard area to work in, on top of that, as a Union, the SU should be leading the way in fair pay. The fact that £8.91 an hour, minimum wage, is what they offer, is frankly appalling. Paying your workers minimum wage shows that you would pay them literally nothing if you could and that you do not value them at all. Pay them more, and increase interest in employment in working in the SU, as well as encouraging other businesses to do the same.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 7 December 2021 and closes for voting on 10 January 2021.
  • This Idea has failed and will not progress. It can be resubmitted next academic year.


Nam Ngo
4:36pm on 11 Jan 22 It would be great if it became true.
Benjamin Hilsenrath
5:30pm on 7 Dec 21 The students' union is (supposedly) first and foremost a union. Fair treatment of its employees should be a top priority and yet according to the post on jobshop they don't even pay living wage? Onto the more practical side of things, there's a labour shortage right now. No one wants to work at a bar for minimum wage when they could get better rates elsewhere, even freelancing. The SU will only continue to fail to recruit staff if it only offers a pittance of a wage.
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