Adopt an 'oat as standard' model to promote sustainable choices, remove the plant milk surcharge on campus and make plant and cow's milk the same price

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Extra Information: This would stop vegans and those who are lactose intolerant from being charged extra for their milk. Compared to 0.6kg of greenhouse gas emissions as well as 1050 litres of water for a glass of cow's milk, oat milk produces just 0.18kg of emissions and only consumes 48 litres of water for a glass. We suggest using oat as a replacement as it is one of the most eco-friendly plant-based milks as well as being cheap and healthy. We are not suggesting that dairy be more expensive as we are aware that for some people's diets dairy may be necessary, but we do feel we shouldn't be discriminated against for our ethical and dietary choices.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 17 January 2022 and closes for voting on 14 Feburary 2022.
  • This Idea has passed. The SU will begin work on making this Idea a reality as soon as possible.


Owen Kendrick
1:08pm on 11 Feb 22 Being lactose intolerant and being charged extra for it has never been something enjoyable - vote for oat!
Joshua Foster
6:46am on 10 Feb 22 Goes to show how broken the system is when keeping a living being alive a draining its resources ends up being cheaper than grinding up oats in water.
Rene Fernandez Martinez
3:40pm on 9 Feb 22 Everything is kind of overpriced
Reece Latham
3:26pm on 9 Feb 22 Bare annoying paying extra at costa
Eleanor Rose
1:30pm on 7 Feb 22 1000% I agree, oat milk should be the same price. maybe uwe could offer a gluten free oat milk like Pure Oaty which is super yummy.
Benjamin Murphy
12:16pm on 7 Feb 22 Sound one
Thani Subkhi
12:11pm on 7 Feb 22 Send it with the oat milk I reckon.
Michael Wheeler
12:08pm on 7 Feb 22 I love oat milk. It’s a million times better than dairy. If anything cows milk should be more expensive!
Seraphina Allard-Bridge
12:07pm on 7 Feb 22 I love oat milk!
Olivia Stewart
12:04pm on 7 Feb 22 Having oat milk or other milk alternatives at the same price as normal milk would probably encourage people to use this alternative which is better for the planet and our health.
Timothy Burgess
12:03pm on 7 Feb 22 Oat milk is epic! Tastes better and is better for the environment!
Alfie Read
7:53pm on 4 Feb 22 It's unfair to have an additional charge on milk alternatives; many people have dietary requirements such as lactose intolerance, as well as people's personal preferences, that make it unfair to have an additional charge on alternative milks, it would be massively helpful to many on campus to have at least one alternative as a standard in addition to regular milk.
Daisy Coulson
7:50pm on 4 Feb 22 strongly agree! putting oat milk at a standard price will not only promote sustainability but show that the uni is becoming more inclusive to all dietary and ethical choices
Mia Davies
1:04pm on 4 Feb 22 I love oat milk and it makes me feel more healthy but it’s more expensive isn’t fair
Hannah Freeman
1:04pm on 4 Feb 22 It’s better for the planet so we shouldn’t have to pay more for it.
Intuda Kinrat
12:43pm on 4 Feb 22 I love oat milk it’s more sustainable
Freya Brown
5:09pm on 31 Jan 22 As someone who had to go fat free for a long time oat was the only milk alternative I could have it's ridiculous that just because my body doesn't work the same way that I have to pay more !!
Emma Kenyon
2:48pm on 25 Jan 22 This would be great and something that would set our campus apart from others.
Mia Littlewood
5:56pm on 22 Jan 22 It doesn’t make sense for it to be more expensive. It lasts longer. Many people have health reasons for not drinking dairy products. This 100% should be allowed. As well as the coffee machines around campus, there is no option for anything other than cow’s milk...
Clare Maguire
6:32pm on 20 Jan 22 The evidence is clear that oat milk is a far more sustainable choice compared to cows milk in terms of land use, CO2 emissions and water use. It just makes logical sense for us to encourage this as the primary choice when we are trying to be a greener campus!
Catarina Vigario Serra Ferreira Costa
2:19am on 20 Jan 22 100% agree. And don't think this should only extend to oat. To other options like soya and almond too. Most of them (if not all) are more sustainable than cow's milk. The choice should be obvious when institutions really want to be more sustainable.
Callum Jones
1:19pm on 19 Jan 22 It's stupid that this isn't something already! - great initiative for inclusivity
Jaylene Manmohan
1:18pm on 19 Jan 22 Good step forward for inclusivity for those with intolerances. #oatmilkforthewin
Conor Turk
10:30pm on 18 Jan 22 many cafes have dropped the additional charge for plant based milks its no longer a niche requirement but becoming more and more common, it is unequitable to charge more for not drinking pus filled cow tit juice
Meghan Lewis
6:59pm on 18 Jan 22 Better for the planet & the animals - oat milk for the win!
Ruby Quayle
4:12pm on 18 Jan 22 I think having an extra charge for oat milk definitely discourages people considering making the switch, so I fully agree!!
Katie McGoran
3:56pm on 18 Jan 22 Calling the takeaway cup surcharge an 'environmental levi' while charging extra for plant based milk despite the carbon footprint of 8oz dairy being higher than one takeaway cup's seems irrational. This is a great way to show the SU cares about the planet not just profit and green tokenism
Robert Craig
7:53pm on 17 Jan 22 Inclusivity, sustainability, better coffee, what's not to like? I vote oat.
Esme Barton
7:44pm on 17 Jan 22 A small change in milk choice can make a huge difference. I vote oat!
Molly Hannafin
3:47pm on 17 Jan 22 Being charged extra for making a more sustainable and inclusive decision is ridiculous. Oat should be standard, and should definitely not cost more!
Fiji Willetts
1:50pm on 17 Jan 22 This would be so much more inclusive for all students (and staff!) - I’m quite surprised actually how UWE strives to be more sustainable yet is still charging extra for choosing the more sustainable (and cruelty free) option! #voteforoat
Neve Hughes
1:36pm on 17 Jan 22 Considering how much more sustainable (and ethical!!) oat milk is compared to cow's, it's so odd that this model hasn't already been implemented #oatforthewin!!!
Toby Robards
11:56am on 17 Jan 22 This would be a giant step forward in making campus coffees more sustainable and ethical as well as improving student health. I VOTE FOR OAT!
Benjamin Hilsenrath
11:55am on 17 Jan 22 Bold of the SU to claim to be going green on all of its details and documents and then actively discourage people from making greener choices. This is a step in the right direction
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