Permanent Swap Shop on campus.


Vote Breakdown: 

Strongly Agree: 10

Agree: 3

Neutral: 0

Disagree: 0 

Strongly Disagree: 2  

Extra Information: With swap shops being such a roaring success I think it would be incredibly helpful for students to have a permanent space on campus to engage with these swap shops would be exceptionally useful. This would provide an opportunity for not only clothes swap shops but household items and many other student essentials.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 14 February 2022 and closed for voting on 14 March 2022.
  • This Idea will not be taken forward at this time. It can be resubmitted in 3 months’ time.


Toby Robards
10:39am on 9 Mar 22 A swap shop would be amazing! It would massively reduce waste of perfect products and help students on lower incomes. I'd definitely use it all the time
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