Put up a new Basketball Hoop at the SU.


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Strongly Disagree: 2 

Extra Information: 3 months ago the old basketball hoop outside of the broken and a new one hasn't been replaced. I'm just one of a large number of students, who use to come to the SU on their break to play basketball. For me, I could never the basketball team and my time is too restricted to go to the Centre of Sport for the move session but the old hoop was all I needed to clear my head from the stresses of my masters. There are a lot of students like me who don't have the time to play much but come to the SU to destress from the pressures of Uni and outside life. A new hoop will not just help us with that give us a sense of community. With COVID an outdoor basketball hoop would help minimise transmission of the virus and will encourage people to participate in physical activity that is good for health mental health.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 14 February 2022 and closed for voting on 14 March 2022.
  • This Idea has passed. The SU will begin work on making this Idea a reality as soon as possible.


Sarmada Rangineni
11:53am on 10 Mar 22 BRING IT BACK! Good for students
Huriyyah Binti Nur Malek
8:19pm on 9 Mar 22 It should be put back as it gives students a place to form interaction with others.
Leo Abadie
3:09pm on 1 Mar 22 I arrived as a foundation year student in 2020 and have played a lot with the hoop at the SU. I have met a large number of people there and used it as my main source of activity and exercise during the lockdown. With sports inside being out of the picture for many months, the SU hoop was the best possibility on campus and it was great. I strongly believe that bringing it back would be a greatly appreciated move for the students
Tomasz Heluszka
1:56pm on 1 Mar 22 I am a student that used this basketball hoop since 2019 and I cannot ephesize enough how this helped my wellbeing during the pandemic time. I am certain it did the same to soo many other students as I spoke to them after it was taken down and know how much it is missed.
Jane Garrihy
2:17pm on 28 Feb 22 I think the basketball hoop was highly beneficial to students mental wellbeing over the last year or so since it was up. It was especially beneficial through covid when out door activity was deemed safer than inside. When the hoop has been taken down the students have always come in in high numbers asking where it is and showing dismay that it has gone. they have even started numerous petitions to reinstate it. I think to have something like the hoop that they can utilise in between lectures quickly rather than having to hire out space and have a quick blast of excercise is so important and I can't believe it is not being celebrated that they want to do something that is so wholesome in their free time and that the hoop isn't being put straight back up!
Mia Littlewood
4:52pm on 23 Feb 22 Really important. Good for students mental health to have a way to relax and have fun.
Jaafar Hassan
3:59pm on 23 Feb 22 Basketball hoop would be great for students at their breaks and give them a good exercise
Aneesa Mannan
1:07pm on 23 Feb 22 I think that the basketball hoop was very beneficial for students health as they could play sports even if they are unable to afford a gym membership or dont have time to book into CfS!
Tawfiq Esawy
3:48pm on 14 Feb 22 I strongly believe that the basketball hoop should be brought back as it got a lot of the students together to have fun and socialise and we believe it’s a great addition to the su ????
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