Can the Swimming Team have training in a 25m pool?

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Strongly Agree: 15

Agree: 1

Neutral: 1

Disagree: 1

Strongly Disagree: 1

Extra Information: May we swim in 25m pool as Bristol south is 33m which is not a distance competed at.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 14 February 2022 and closed for voting on 14 March 2022.
  • This Idea will not be taken forward at this time. It can be resubmitted in 3 months’ time.


Cerys Baker
10:17pm on 15 Feb 22 When I swam at my last club we trained in 25m, 33m and 50m pools. to be honest training in 33m can be converted so that you know times and can help build stamina for short course. I would not recommend this as the only training area, but it should not be discouraged either. Also I think there should be land training as well and potentially a place closer to Frenchay that people could train at. :)
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