Green spaces indoors, in the form of live flowers and plants in study/learning rooms.

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Extra Information: The average student who comes to learn or study will be indoors for hours and therefore will have little or no contact with nature for that period. The school environment is covered with trees and vegetation but no proper representation of this inside. Implementing this idea will serve as a reminder and keep the students mindful of what an ideally sustainable environment can look like. If they are part of the implementation, it will give them practical experience on how to nurture plants and flowers.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 14 February 2022 and closed for voting on 14 March 2022.
  • This Idea will not be taken forward at this time. It can be resubmitted in 3 months’ time.


Toby Robards
10:41am on 9 Mar 22 This would really help student mental health and in doing so help their grades. In a time when we have a mental health crisis this would be a small change that could make a massive difference.
Wit Win
2:48pm on 18 Feb 22 Planting or keeping indoor plants purifies air and produce more oxygen. Looking at green makes our eyes calm, boost moods and creativity that leads to mentally healthier and happier. It also makes students feel less like classroom when there are indoor plants so that they feel relaxed learning in green environment.
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