• Accessibility

Vote Breakdown: 

Strongly Agree: 7

Agree: 3

Neutral: 0

Disagree: 0

Strongly Disagree: 0

Extra Information: If we can access Union 1 after 5pm, we should also be able to access the toilets. It's really inaccessible to have the doors closed when students can't access the lift to get upstairs, or the toilets behind the door. At the moment, you need to leave the building and go to another building to be able to use the toilet - this needs to change!

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 14 March 2022 and closes for voting on 11 April 2022.
  • This idea has failed and will not progress. It can be resubmitted next academic year.

  • This Idea has been marked as a win. The upper engagement space doors have been unlocked for students until 8PM. You will need your Student Card to open the doors.


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