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Extra Information: I might be mistaken, but UWE currently has nothing to offer in terms of a 'PODCAST' type media. I've looked online and it seems like there are a lot of experts doing podcasts who have graduated from UWE, but not a single podcast produced by UWE. It would actually be entertaining to hear a 45min podcast from an industry expert on my way into uni on the bus, especially if they had graduated on the same degree I'm on. For the amount of courses and degrees UWE provides; the incredible mix of student backgrounds; and the amount of student activities/ events/ societies and sports going on - there should be an endless supply of content. It doesn't even need to be 45mins, maybe even 15-20mins with a little intro jingle. Bam! You got a decent entry level product, showcasing the strengths and values of the UWE student community. It's made by students, for students. What else could you ask for? Think something similar to the "Inspire:Me" series but with multiple guests talking about the same topic, and available on podcast. If it was already up and running, there could've been interviews with the individuals running in the leadership race!

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