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Extra Information: At present, our bus station has a serious lack of seating and shelter, particularly at peak times.


I propose that the area where the unused bike shipping container is (behind the metrobus stops), be redeveloped into a waiting area with sufficient seating and shelter for the bus station.


As the entrance to campus for anyone using public transport, the bus station is not a welcoming sight as it is. Transforming this area would go a long way to improve the look and feel of the first part of campus many people see, as well as being practical.


This could also open opportunities for commercial use. For example, a food/coffee shop could be operated here. This could help reduce queues at the other food places on campus, as well as providing a staff presence at the bus station.


In this area it would be useful to have another live bus timetable screen.


If the university is to continue to push for public transport use over cars, a better bus station is vital.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 17 October 2023 and closes for voting on 8 November 2023.


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