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Last year the SU was virtually silent on the strikes that disrupted large amounts of the academic year. All communication came from the University, when it felt it was necessary, or from individual lecturers who had to walk the fine line between exposing themselves by discussing it with the students if was impacting, or staying silent to cover themselves so not be seen influencing the students. With the rejection of the UCEA pay offer by UCU staff and strike action already taking place once this academic year, will the SU commit to better communication on strikes with students and on behalf of students as their representatives and voice?

The SU not saying anything last year left a gap that could only be filled by the University (who were not always the most communicative themselves), regardless of picking a side, the SU SHOULD have something to say, whether it is educational material about strikes and labour disputes, notifications of actions, and statements on the subject.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 30 November 2023 and closes for voting on 3 January 2024.


Hollie-Mae Holman
3:12pm on 30 Nov 23 It would be very beneficial to have an idea when the strikes are occurring due to the prices of first bus and living in the city centre. I have spoken to a lot of students who are all in favour of the strikes - but are then put off because we are kept in the dark about when they are occurring, which in their opinion paints the strikes in a negative light rather than positive :)
Thomas Peace
3:10pm on 30 Nov 23 Getting second year marks and feedback whilst still waiting on first-year feedback seems very poor, there has been false communication regarding dates when we will receive it back and now no communication at all
Samuel Rivers
3:07pm on 30 Nov 23 Last year i just stopped coming in half the time because it was a lottery if my lessons was going to be cancelled or not
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