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Extra Information: Many International students from different ethnic backgrounds and religions including jews, muslims, Indians, etc. would want to have bidet in bathrooms to feel comfortable to use them at University.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 30 November 2023 and closes for voting on 3 January 2024.


Amgad Albukari
10:54pm on 28 Feb 24 I agree, this idea has to be implemented, as it is more hygienic!
Mohammad Valikhani
9:57am on 28 Dec 23 It is really essential
Udani Usmeeye Gedara
10:46pm on 12 Dec 23 It’s a good, especially for international students…
Mohammad Fooladisahlabadi
2:41pm on 5 Dec 23 excellent concept for those who are used to a particular level of hygiene
Shahid Kasam
11:40am on 5 Dec 23 Great idea to be more inclusive as we have many students using bidets especially international students
Karen Johnson
3:37pm on 1 Dec 23 Would really help international students if this happens , across all campuses including Bower Ashton
Ahmed Al-Anesi
2:04pm on 30 Nov 23 This is a very good initiative. I think this will help make the university more inclusive as there are many students/staff who are accustomed to this
Abdullah Haroon
1:57pm on 30 Nov 23 great idea for people who are accustomed to certain hygiene practices
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