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Extra Information: UWE student Water bottles, that can be sold in the student union shop, the atrium, and the canteen. To help support the water refilling stations and encourage students to keep hydrated an important factor of human's daily needs. Most work places are now starting to provide staff members with a water bottle with the company details on, to keep at work or to take home, but that is your dedicated bottle. Many students forget, bottles and having UWE ones could really benefit the use of the filling stations. But it also supports the single use plastic and will help the university becoming more sustaible. this could then move onto providing UWE keepcups for the hot drinks, alowing people to save money or collect stamps to get a free drink - under the purpose you are using a reusable. Having a UWE branded resuable cup that can be purchased at the time of the drink, will entice more students. - sustainable and effective but also low cost. - Branding and having things to represent they are part of the university will make the individual feel a sense of joy and a trend will be set. - so this particular merchandise is more around being sustainable, using facilities that are already in place. I know for a fact i've walked past the filling stations and thought if i could get a waterbottle i would have filled it, or i would of brought more coffee but i dont want to keep paying for the cups..

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  • This idea opened on 30 November 2023 and closes for voting on 3 January 2024.


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