Five ways you can get involved in democracy at The Students' Union

Voting at The Students' Union

No matter how you  join in at The Students' Union, there is always a way to have your say on how we run through democracy.

1. Presidents and Officers

Every year in March we run The Leadership Race to elect your student leaders, like myself. We have five full-time roles and a variety of part-time roles, which form the Executive Committee. We are responsible for implementing passed Ideas, developing campaigns and leading the direction of The Students’ Union.

2. By-elections

If you want to represent students, nominations are open until 12:00 on Wednesday 18 October – go to If standing isn’t your thing, you can still get involved by voting for who you want to represent you this year. Voting is open from Monday 23 – Thursday 26 October.

3. Ideas

You can shape what we do with Ideas. You can submit an Idea on anything – from the food we serve, to lobbying the University on issues like tuition fees. With enough votes, the Idea will pass and become reality. It’s easy – head to

4. Student Reps

Student Reps are here to represent you on your academic experience – and you can be one! Anyone can do it and it’s simple to do – just speak to your lecturer or programme leader about it before your lectures start. In this role you work with your course mates and lecturers to make positive changes to your course.

5. Committees

20 students are elected from the three conferences (Societies, Sports and Representation) to sit on Student Council.  It meets three times each year to scrutinise Ideas to create policy, discuss matters affecting the student experience, and hold the elected Executive to account.

Jamie Jordon, VP Education